Chesterfield Valley Nursery Garden Center is bustling with the daily arrival of lush evergreens and shrubs, gorgeous trees, and unique specimen varieties. We are now open Saturdays, so come in and see our ever changing and growing inventory of quality plants for your home or business.

Feature of the Month

Feature of the Month

After a very long and snowy winter, everyone is anxious to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. As you begin to think about enhancing your landscape this spring, consider the possibility of a pergola to add an element of interest that can be both ornamental and functional. Pergolas are often lighted and decorated with beautiful arbor vines that will climb the columns and provide shade. Roses, Wisteria and Grape Vines are all great options. These beautiful structures can be incorporated into a patio, pool decking, or any other area that would be a nice sitting area, walk through or any focal point in the landscape.
With the arrival of spring, warmer weather is fast approaching….at least we hope so. With that in mind, it is time think about our irrigation systems and what needs to be done to protect our investment through proper start up and testing of the system. Chesterfield Valley Nursery offers comprehensive care for your Irrigation System through customized packages that best fit your individual needs and the needs of your landscape. Contact us anytime for first quality maintenance for your system.

Tip of the month:
Spring is here and as temperatures rise for several days at a time it’s important to remove the leaves off your lawn. If leaves stay on your lawn for even a couple of weeks in mild temperatures and get thick enough to block out the light, it will damage your lawn. In addition, significant amounts of leaves will turn the Ph of your lawn to acid requiring lime application to keep it healthy. For more information or help with your lawn, call us any time.

Custom Landscape Design & Installation

The interior of your home reflects your interests, style, character and tastes and you should be able to enjoy it throughout the year. Why not have your landscape do the same thing. Why not have Chesterfield Valley Nursery install a custom landscape for you? We say custom because your landscaping should be tailored to your desires and the unique characteristics of your personality, your home and your property. We utilize plants that are hardy in the St. Louis area and have a well stocked nursery to select from.